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Healing at Home: The Impact & Reduced Risks of Recovering at Home

Your mother is coming home after a longish hospital stay. You know you should be happy. But uneasiness creeps up inside you. Are you ready to handle her continuing care? Is home-hospital even a viable option for people of her age?

Welcoming home your loved one from a hospital stay can crowd you with doubts but there are tangible benefits of the home recovery process.

Here are 10 pointers that elucidate on the point:

  1. Cuts down on Infections: While not completely safe, home environments have less concentration of bacteria, reducing the risk of Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI).

  2. Restores Sleep: Home environment provides more scope for arranging rooms, beds, and accessibility to bathrooms according to the patient’s convenience, ensuring sound sleep.

  3. Mingling with others: Homes allow the option of organizing family-time and lighten the patient’s mood with special celebrations, movie nights and so on.

  4. Healthy routine: Homes ensure more control over setting daily schedules that relax and reduce patient’s stress levels, expediting the recovery process. Hospitals cannot fix patient-specific routines.

  5. Familiar and Relaxing Surroundings: The restorative power of the familiar home environment, regular walks, and visits from near ones cannot be overstated.

  6. Better control and coordination: Unlike hospitalization, home-care has you in the driver’s seat with caregivers, call-in help, infrastructure improvements etc.

  7. Expert help: Home-hospitalization no longer requires handling by family members alone. Home-care medical professionals are now available, along with modern equipment and errand doers.

  8. Peace of Mind: Ailing near one’s presence at home itself relives one of a number of hassles.

  9. Customizable: You can arrange for the facilities and engage care professionals only as much as the particular patient requires, saving costs.  

  10. Counseling and Advice: Modern in-home care equips family members with crisis management skills for long-term patient care. 


As the above points illustrate clearly, there are numerous tangible benefits of availing Home Healthcare Services for your Family and loved ones. We at Buurtzorg India are committed to bringing world-class Home Healthcare to your doorstep with best quality caregivers, need-based pricing and a whole host of other features Fill up the form below so that we can get in touch with you regarding any of your specialized Home Health Care requirements.

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